I'm Zigang "Ivan" Xiao,
an engineer in bay area.
I have a cat called Moose.

about me

I write about technical stuff in the field of computer science, with a focus on Machine Learning, my hobbies, including guitar playing and ballroom dancing, and my life in US. Some of my posts are written in Chinese.

美國租車陷阱:Toll Charges

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今天收到了一張大概兩個月前的 bill,說我欠款 $30 美金……


Popular Watches Under $150

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I’ve been looking around entry-level watches for some time. Recently, I answered a question in Zhihu (Chinese Quora), and I feel like to transcribe this collection in my blog.

Fix Mid 2009 MBP RAM Not Recognized Issue

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Possible cause of unrecoganized RAM
Possible cause of unrecoganized RAM

A few days ago, I encountered an issue which seems to be common among mid-2009 MBPs: one of the RAM (in slot 1) is not recognized anymore. Or, sometimes it is recognized, but after sleep and wake up, the computer freezes and impossible to recover but force power off.