I'm Zigang "Ivan" Xiao,
an engineer in bay area.
I have a cat called Moose.

about me

I write about technical stuff in the field of computer science, with a focus on Machine Learning, my hobbies, including guitar playing and ballroom dancing, and my life in US. Some of my posts are written in Chinese.

夏威夷遊記(一) 瓦胡島

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借着 CVPR 2017 的機會,終於去了一趟嚮往已久的夏威夷。主要是參觀了瓦胡(oahu)島以及茂宜(maui)島。非常喜歡,嚴格來說是我第一次去“度假”。美好的自然風光非常愜意。趁在在飛機上有時間,可以寫一些流水帳。

Oahu 一景
Oahu 一景